Monday, August 12, 2013

I Heart Disclaimers

The idea is rolling around in my head to start every blog with: "Do you want to know what I think?"

Because 1: it sets the tone that the following are only my thoughts and while they *may* work just fine for me, results not typical.
And 2: it gives the random reader/stranger a heads up. If you do not want to know what I think then you can say no to ingesting my thoughts and move on. And by all means, if your intestinal fortitude and emotional readiness is not up for a steady stream of personal experience based truth and opinion then I encourage you to move on. 

I am not a doctor or counselor or other licensed professional and as such any assertions I make should  automatically fall under the category of "shady". Not because I consider myself a shady person, but because (and here's the point)...

If you don't know me personally, I don't recommend you listen to me.

That's probably a strong way to put it but its just how I feel and its how I feel about the blogs I read which ironically I've limited my exposure to considerably for this very reason. Because I don't know you. And, yes, any fool can have an opinion. 


I SO WISH there could be some kind of Life License which would automatically make me an expert at all things life (money, parenting, cleaning and getting out stains, nutrition, pet care, appropriate humor and manners). Then I wouldn't second guess myself all the time!

The fact that I wish this actually came to me the other day and before I noticed that my thoughts were sprinting away I had already gone down a weird checklist of why that wouldn't work, practically. You heard me. Practically. As if logic hadn't already been long abandoned. By the time I caught myself, I was just shocked for a moment at the whole mental exchange and that it had gone so far!

P.S. I'm pregnant. It does something to your brains. (as my hand casually waves away your concerned look)


And I must really, really mean it because at second glance, I wrote all these things a year and a half ago under the title Preachy McPreacherson. I give you two options here, scream plagiarism or high five me for that title! *upheld hand waiting*

So my advice is don't take my advice. *blank stare* (ok, I see what I did there)

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