Monday, February 20, 2012

Preachy McPreacherson

I won't lie to you. I've been conflicted.

I'm "cooling" on the idea of having a blog because why do I have it? I hoped that it would be an opportunity.  So that distance or schedule would not get in the way of a sitting-at-the-kitchen-table-over-coffee-style chat - while obviously one-sided.

I like the idea of journaling. I like writing. I like stories and hearing stories from others. I like hearing about the best thing thing that happened this week. Or the hardest thing. I like what someone learned about their child or their husband.

I don't like preaching.

And EVERYBODY preaches. Especially the news.

I watch TV. I really love PBS. It shows me lives and cultures that I would otherwise never have seen. But they can be VERY preachy.

Facebook can get preachy. Twitter is a preach-a-thon. And music isn't exempt. It just seems that everywhere I've looked for a while is telling me what to do/not do and how to think/not think.

I'm just topped-off. I'm overloaded on opinions. And that's where I get conflicted.

I'd like to share my life with people. But part of my life is developing, practicing and then possibly scrapping entire systems of values - the "why" behind what I do. Making me, depending on the reader, one more opinion thrown out there in a static-y sea of buzzing thought.

So, personally, I'm on a quest for truth. The Word of God is truth. Jesus is truth. And, I'm leaving everyone else to their opinion.

So please, don't take my word for it.