Monday, April 4, 2011


It begins and ends and is all about Jesus.

I'm struck again at its simplicity, its complexity, its beauty and how, bottom line, its all about this one man.

I was in a serious conversation with John. It was a typical just-in-from-school/work-catch-up. We were taking turns talking about what had happened during the day and weighing in on insights and things discerned.
John and I had decided a while back that life is equal to ministry. If we're walking through our day in places of darkness, we should be intentional about bringing the light of Jesus in visible and invisible ways. My parents were missionaries when I was younger, so we just treat it like that - being missionaries to wherever we are.

During a recent conversation we were weighing out certain...obstacles. We had mentioned work, school, our children, 'the church', local and national government - issues both personal and more abstract - and had not hit upon many hopeful situations. There seemed to obstacles as far as our eyes could see. Insurmountable obstacles. Obstacles due to the contrariness of the world to the ways of God. Destructive people. Destructive cultures. Destructive legislature. How would there be change if people didn't think there was anything wrong?

Typically, I feel this direction of thinking can be a bottomless pit. We look in as far as we can see, get overwhelmed by the vast darkness and then begin to throw in solutions as fast as we can. But I feel like I'm living in the days where the shiny and new solutions are now rusty and crumbly and overgrown and the people are cynical and hopeless and gun-shy of shiny and new solutions.

And while the impulse is to go to our bag for an even better, shinier, new solution it became increasingly clear - the only real solution is Jesus.

I need more of Jesus in me because I've been using faulty solutions in my home and in my children and I need real, lasting change in my home and children. The people we love need more of Jesus, not more ideas or books.

The kind of change we need, across the board, is the change that comes from the inside out and it comes when Jesus increases and we decrease - in every direction.

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  1. so true. when it all boils down, every solution i try to find that isn't anchored in Jesus is just me striving to control my world on my own. surrender is so freeing, though so scary at the same time. He is our only hope. it does all begin and end in Him.