Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Gift and an Honor


I got so angry when I read the news today. I would quit 'news' altogether if I didn't think it would be irresponsible and an emotional cop-out. Good thing the baby cried and I had to leave and go look into his perfect little face. *selah*

Ahhh. Ok. His big brown eyes helped settle my soul. And I mean soul, as in, the seat of my will and emotions. That's where all the noisy fuss was coming from. My emotions get all stirred up and I slip out of the restful peace in my spirit (made possible by Holy Spirit) and I stand on my 'fist-fighting ground', my 'hold-my-gold ground', aka, my soul.

[A bit of advice: don't fight from there. You'll fight dirty. You won't listen to reason and your heart will harden a little in the process. Its Thunderdome and that's bad.]

Ah, flesh; ah, old man, when will you finally be under the authority of the spirit? But it must be. It must be overcome by my spirit.

Now, my sweet, open-faced, unashamed 6 month old is unreliable as a mechanism for my inner peace, but for today he fit the bill. I just can't help but feel connected to God and eternity and God's original intent with mankind when I see the face of my infant son.

And for that moment watching his face, it was all possible. All those jerks in the news, and all those jerks making the news will come and go. But this baby represented another generation coming that COULD make a difference if they so chose.

And while I entertained typical fears with my 1st daughter because of the ruin and lawlessness and suffering on the earth; I see in my 3rd son the possibilities of training up a generation in the love that is Jesus. And all they could change and all they could bring. My son is a gift and an honor.

Children are a gift and an honor.

- remind me to tell you a story of something that happened to me. its pretty weird.

*Selah = a biblical reference from the songs of Psalms. The writers would write in a "selah" in the songs to signify a musical break, like a rest.


  1. Do tell do tell! I like weird stories!

  2. he is so cute! can't believe he is 6 mos already!