Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Renaissance: Art and Culture Reborn

Alright, I have a roast simmering in the crock pot.

(Shredded Italian Beef: 3-5 lbs cheapy roast; 1 dry onion soup packet; 2 dry Italian dressing packets; 1-2 cups water. Toast some buns, top with white cheese. 8 hrs on low. Easy and yum!)

I have a fresh cup of coffee in my hands.

Baby is with bigger children who have already finished Math and Reading today. I'm ready to write.

To be fair and honest I should list all the things I'm not accomplishing by stopping to write (kitchen counter clutter, low on homemade baby wipes, never ending laundry issues) - pah! Onward!

My husband is wonderful and crazy. He is putting on a conference. (huhwhat?!)

I would be even more incredulous if he had not done this very same thing when I first met him.

Not long after I met John, who had bright pink hair at the time,(in his defense, he was an art major and the original color had been red before it washed out to a vivid PINK) he and some friends put on a worship conference for high school/college age Christians in the area. It spanned about 5 local churches and had a pretty good turn out (several hundred).

So I have this knowledge in my back pocket when he began talking about an arts conference over a year ago.

Plus, I get where he's coming from. He loves art. He loves making art, talking about art, teaching about art (his job) and seeing the fruit that comes with expression and art appreciation especially in the context of worship and intercession. But, unfortunately, he has found that many times in Non-denominational church circles he spends quite a bit of time building his case for the arts as valuable, important and practical NOW.

He talks to God about art. He has dreams about unity in the Christian artistic community. I can safely say that John has asked for and received a portion of God's heart and desires for the arts. Its beautiful to hear him talk about it. I get excited. But its too much to go into here.

So let me point you here.

And also here.

Go ahead and 'Like' the conference's fan page and it'll automatically keep you up with his updates and his heart and the scriptures he hears God speaking to artists in this very hour.

Its surprisingly easy and reliable - if you ask God to reveal to you His heart in an area, He will take you up on it.