Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weird Confession

There is a place where, whenever I go there, I'm swept into adoration of God and thankfulness.

And that place is my shower.

Its weird, and I don't argue that point.

There's even a song that find myself singing when I'm in there: Jan Krist's "Wing and a Prayer", which admittedly is a little odd since I haven't had my hands on the song for more than a decade. Its this acoustic guitar, folk song that my older sister sent to me on a mix tape when I lived overseas as a kid along with some Bonny Rait. To this day its more than a little outside my current 'likes' genres. But it grew on me then and apparently stuck.

I think it has something to do with the shower being one of the few places I have of complete personal and mental privacy. I sing in the shower, too; really sing. Sometimes I just gush out my feelings without bothering to try and remember if any of it is any good and to write it down later. And sometimes I purposely let the moment be an exclusive offering - something that will only live before the Lord in that moment and never be for anyone else's ears.

But its not something I intend to happen. Shower time is all function and business until I find myself caught up in moment awash, pun intended, with gratitude and I find my spirit leaping and worshiping. I mean, I only just started noticing this.

I think I've created an altar of worship in my shower. I'm serious.

I know this because I used to have a similar connection when I was in highschool (in Guatemala) to a window in my bedroom where I would often take time to pray and connect with God before I went to bed. Eventually, over time, all I would have to do was posture myself at my window and all the lightness of worship would come over me before I had even consciously turned my will, heart or mind to prayer and I would just sit in the sweetness of the companionship of heaven. I began to wonder, at the time, if I had so soaked the spot in my prayers that it the residue of worship just lingered all the time.

I have even wondered in my more present tense if there was a spot that I could choose to cultivate as my "place" just like the window had been. Well, it seems I have happened upon a location already. I can't exactly read my Bible there, nor can I stay there for very long, but I'm grateful for any spot in my home/workplace that has that "lightness" of an open heaven.

But it just feels a little funny to use the term "open heaven" in reference to my shower. *shaking head* Life is weird.

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  1. I loved reading this! I am a fellow believer and worshipper - I just love God's presence! The idea of having a place so soaked in prayer and worship it is light is lovely.

    Just thought I'd let you know, I randomly came across your blog through a google search - actually, I was curious whether Misty Edwards is married. I found my answer through you! I've only read two of your entries so far, and I find them refreshing and enjoyable!

    Keep on loving God, and keep sharing about it :)