Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Emotional Roller-Coaster Bootcamp Intensive

I am in the midst of quite an adventure.

There is a group of about 150 people from 17 different states taking part in a 21 day fast (is that enough numbers for you?). And its all going down in our prayer house.

Its pretty wild. A lot of the out-of-towners are sleeping in the building. Most of them are single, but there are quite a few families with little ones in tow.

They're praying all day in cycles. They meet as a group every afternoon and there's an 'open to all' service every night.


John is in it to win it along with the rest of them, though sleeping at home and taking the occasional day off so we can remember his face and why we love having him around.

I am keeping up with life as best I can, while trying to make as many of the evening meeting as I can. We're still doing school every day as well as doubling what we're trying to get done. (yes, I know - lunacy) Part of the reason is to finish up what we started late and the other part is to have them in a good place should we take a bunch of time off in Oct. when the baby arrives.

And so keeping up with life...isn't going great. The clutter is building up. We don't have milk and the trip to the store keeps getting pushed back. Baths are getting pushed back....

But we're exhilarated! We're hearing some of the most astounding stories and getting super-charged with faith. As well as being sunk to the depths to hear about the depravities of sin and its reach even into our own home. Meeting cool people then finding out later who they are in the spirit - "oh my gosh, that's them?! I just talked to them yesterday!"

An emotional roller-coaster bootcamp. So rewarding. So taxing. So refreshing. And starting to feel a little dizzy from it all.

But I'll be honest. I'm gonna be disappointed when its all over.

Met these people during the "Intensive". They were obviously very cool and interesting people. If they weren't fasting and then going home soon, I'd ask them to coffee. But then I found this video and got the fuller scope of who they were. Is it possible to be intimidated of someone after you've already met them?

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