Saturday, June 19, 2010

what goes through my head.....

When I sit down at the piano to lead worship on a Sunday morning, a similar line of thought goes through my head each time. Its like this:

"God, we need you. Whether or not everyone in the room is acutely aware of how desperately we need you, we do. Awaken hearts this morning to your greatness. Bring in an experience that reminds us of how great you are and let the world and its desires fall into the shadows. Come and touch each person with Your touch that dispels darkness, lies, sickness, misunderstanding and hard heartedness. Heal people this morning. Give them an encounter with Your glory that changes them. Let truth arise in each one and make wrong things right."

Since I'm so comfortable in my little church, sometimes I just pray all that (and more) out loud over the beginning of the song. I have a patient team because that prayer time can get a little long. I don't mind, though, and I haven't been corrected yet. Sometimes I feel like the lingering in prayer may just help people transition out of the tasks of Sunday morning (get kids to Sunday School, catch up with so-n-so, get seats, etc.) to the relationship portion of the morning.

To me, Sunday morning worship is the embrace of the morning and its a waste to blow such a beautiful and healing moment on distraction. Its corporate adoration and there's just nothing else in my life that is like that. In fact, for me, Sunday morning church is like having a coffee date with God as well as all my favorite people.

Now, I still can stress out about a set list and getting a team on the same page and whether or not the congregation responded to the song last time, etc. I feel these are the practical details that must be considered. But through it all, I feel that all we really need to do is encounter Him in each of our hearts where He'll deliver just what we need.

He's so good and I really love what I do.


  1. Thank you, dear Bizzy. God always uses your words to say exactly what I needed to hear. I can't wait to share with Will since we were just talking about this very thing. Blessings to you!!