Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Song Expo: What Is The Natural

Before 2008, before we were Gateway House of Prayer (GHOP), before two churches merged in order to give our HOP a home, we were meeting and having our 2 hour prayer sets in a church sanctuary.

It was at that time in the church sanctuary, near the end of our Tuesday 6-8pm set that What Is The Natural was born.

If Jacob was the slow, laborious way to write a song, What Is The Natural is the direct opposite. Jacob was weeks of Bible study with a Strong's Concordance followed by weeks of trying out varieties of chord progressions on the piano. What Is the Natural was born in 5 minutes.

It was the last 10 minutes of a set when a faithful intercessor named Moses came up and prayed from the Hall of Faith section of Hebrews. The chord progression we played behind him was left over from the previous song.

In KC antiphonal fashion, when he was done, it was the singers job to sing short phases that supported the theme he prayed. I was particularly inspired and gripped by the passage he read and the prayer he prayed that I just took over the singing myself.

"What is the natural when God is supernatural? I lift my eyes to the hills where my God comes from."

The singers picked it up and we repeated it a while. Then it felt like there was more to be sung or more that the Spirit wanted to say about this.

"Hallelujah, hallelujah, He will have His way."

And the more we meditated on this the more boldness grew in my heart which lead to the proclamation:

"And when the Lord comes out the seas will part before Him. And when the Lord comes out the mountains will move from His way."

After that, it was time to wrap up the set, so we hopped off the stage and I didn't leave the room before writing down everything that was sung and the chords behind it.

Its been a few years now, but I'm still encouraged by that song.

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