Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coming down after a crazy night...

Just a quick stream of thoughts, here on the end of a sweet night of raucous worship.

My favorite worship is the place where a whole room of people are dancing in abandon, shouting themselves hoarse and taken away in the Spirit. I would choose it more often if I could, but I haven't found a way to assure these results! (nor is it always the time, I get that)

And I'm not looking for reckless worship for the sake of recklessness. That's called youth or hype or even immaturity. But to have a room full of people forget about life outside of the room for a while and be so engaged and so full of an expression of God that they have to pour it back out...that's dynamite!

I like a good roar. I like coming away from the night hoarse because my internal pressure got to be too great and it was completely ok to shout it out. I like singing loudly until my voice takes on a Janis Joplin feel. I know, I know, its very bad practice and any voice people out there will give me solid and correct reasons to avoid that degree of vocal chord damage....but its exciting! And while I won't practice such behavior, I'd certainly like to reserve the right to rock my voice out a few times a year.

I like the point where I feel that breaking out some gestures will go totally unnoticed. I'm sitting at the piano bench right now, due to my 6 months pregnant body, but tonight, I let my arms just go for it. I think I all but flapped my arms like a bird. Ah, its helpful for me. I'm already an expressive person anyway. It didn't matter that my sweaty state could only mean trouble for anyone who could see my underarms...in retrospect, yikes.

I even did a little 'Kim Walker' style emoting during singing. She's a big 'Ha ha!'-er. Tonight was a little of that and some 'Yeah!' and some tribal singing in tongues. It was a blast.

So why all the attention on the fool I made of myself?

It was my "ark returning to Jerusalem" type moment - where "undignified" becomes "abandoned worship". A moment when being overcome by the Spirit happens to look like clapping, shouting, spinning and roaring and yet only as a result of being overcome by the Spirit.

Thank you, Holy Spirit. I was hoping you'd make the evening your own and I think you did. I like co-operating with you and would like to keep collaborating in the future.

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