Thursday, November 12, 2009


I want to extend a huge thank-you to Lou Engle and the interns from The Call Institute for visiting us this past weekend and bringing what they do here to St. L.

Looking back, the weekend was a big defining point for our House of Prayer. But that was looking back. Looking forward was a completely opposite story. Many of us were very tired and most were beyond weariness. At those times it can be difficult to muster up energy, much less anticipation and enthusiasm. Even the first night kicked off with last minute scrambling as a vote in Congress prompted Lou to call a nationwide conference call - during our conference in St. Louis. So we joined over the phone, while he took the call in another room, but the whole thing ended in the passing of the Stupak Amendment! Hallelujah!

But to our great delight and surprise it was above and beyond even our secret hopes and expectations. It has become very apparent that the personality and identity of our HOP is very kindred to that of Lou Engle. If I can be so bold, it felt like we were corporately called in from tending the flocks to be anointed by the prophet. And today we go back to our work but with our heads a little higher, with clearer eyes and hiding in our hearts the precious humility that HE has seen us all along and knows our name.

Our HOP is small. We host conferences by the skin of our teeth and with some of the hardest working, devoted people I have ever met. But I can say with conviction they are mature believers, experienced in both serving and leading and with some battle scars to show for it. In conversation recently someone quoted from Judges when Gideon says, "I am the least in my family from the least of the tribes."

It can feel that way sometimes. But I want to encourage those who can feel that way - and if you've watched the KC websteam at all lately, this is the theme you'll hear - He calls you Worth It All. And He made you very specifically for His purposes and pleasure.

Well, I hope to post some album art work soon for Further Up, Further In - I just have to ask John to put it in a friendly format, but I'll throw it up and soon as I can. And in the next few weeks I'll be putting up a post per song to give the story of its inception and execution, for those who are interested.

May God richly bless you with wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of His perfect son, Jesus.

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  1. Can't wait for your post per song! I love that stuff. And it's so good to hear what's going on. Felt a little like I was there. -Bethany