Monday, November 16, 2009

Song Exposition: Who Will Cry

This was born first from reading through the book of Jeremiah.

I have the practice of reading through the Bible. Some days I get in 3 chapters. Some days I get in as much as 10.

In truth, I'm trying to build my Bible reading muscles to take in 10 a day. I first heard of this extreme Bible reading tactic from a respected spiritual father, Pastor/Dr. Abu Bako. He gets in between 40 and 80 chapters a day. Seriously. And that's just daily maintenance reading. He also studies the word, mediates on the word, etc. When our church body heard about this, we decided to go for a year of 10 chapters a day (or 4X through the Bible in a year) and see if we could tell a difference. The most tangible difference was just that we were able to recollect scripture so much faster - which is very useful for praying publicly in the House of Prayer among other benefits.

As I read through Jeremiah I was moved. The description of the spiritual temperature of the priesthood and Israel in general, from the perspective of Eternal God, seemed to apply so vividly all these years later. I saw a priesthood standing before the Lord whose hearts were far from HIM. They were serving people and making the sacrifices, all the while in secret they were practicing sin completely void of the fear of the Lord. And what begins in the priesthood inevitably filters out to the people. And, like any flesh bound human, I first began to see the reflections of this carelessness in places and people outside of myself. And then I saw the priesthood of my own heart and mind behind its closed doors and my heart was broken.

And then there's Jeremiah. The kings and priests would ask him for direction from the Lord and when he told them, they called him a liar. And with each denial of the word of God the people were taking deeper and deeper into captivity. And Jeremiah's close relationship to God meant that he saw what God was seeing, openly and secretly. And his relationship with God meant that God would tell Jeremiah what was coming for the people - who kept refusing to draw near to God. A little humility would have gone a long way; a little lowness and repentance is strong currency...but they wouldn't.

And no matter what, Jeremiah had to keep caring. He had to keep going before the Lord though there wasn't any visible positive result from his words. Jeremiah, in obedience and service before the Lord, kept reaching out to the people and kept feeling their rejection of him and God who sent him. Over and over. Over and over.

This obviously was a great pain to my heart as I considered the weaknesses still in my heart toward to fear of man over the fear of God. And then I tried to imagine the perspective of the Lord as HE reaches out to man over and over with the constant desire to redeem and restore and bring freedom. How HIS eyes search to and fro (2 Chron. 16:9). How HE seeks for a man who would make a wall and stand in the gap on behalf of the lost so that HE wouldn't have to release the reward of destruction (Ezek. 22:30). And the cry was born in my heart for intercessors to stand before the Lord, share in HIS feelings and cry out, no matter the response, in hope for repentance and redemption.

In the song, there is a reference to the Song of Solomon. As my heart felt the pain of truth from this revelation, I felt like I needed to hold up 'time out' hands in order to recover from the burn of HIS word. I needed to be washed again. To leave this old way behind me.

Shortly the song sheets, with lyrics and chords, will be available for download on the website

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