Monday, August 31, 2009

Pre-Sale Very Soon!!!

Yesterday the Gateway House of Prayer wrapped up the annual PRAY Conference.

It was DYNAMITE!! Pastor Abu Bako came in from Ghana, Africa and spoke as well as Robert Hagan, also from Ghana but now in Illinois.

It blew my mind. It broke up old thinking and started building new thinking. I think its safe to say that its been a re-defining weekend for me.

I and a team of excellent singers and musicians (Tim & Jess Power, Jeanine Rea, Ashley Helbig, Tim Shaefer, Tim Wiggins and Joss Riddering) had the privilege to lead the room in worship both Friday and Saturday nights. The environment and the atmosphere in the room was bold and on fire. I've been in plenty of conferences but this was beyond encouraging - it was reestablishing foundational truths of God in people, the city and the nation. It was very different.



We started to pre-sale the cd that weekend to the group at the conference!

We're anticipating actually releasing the album in another 4-6 weeks but we will SOON be making pre-sale of the cd available on the website!! Woo-hoo!!!

Personal Note: if you know me and are curious what this sort of thing feels like - well, it feel like the mixture of excitement and terror that you feel on a roller coaster. I'm not the best manager or organizer so I'm heading into unknown waters with GOD and the assistance of the Holy Spirit. But who better to have in your corner!!!! If HE can speak a universe, all its planets and creatures into being.....HE can help me manage this project! And that's exciting!

Well, I need to get back to homeschooling (YIKES). These are very exciting times!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fun News.

So way back when we just starting making the trips to KC to start recording with Aaron Swart, the guys (Aaron and Nate Panke) would ask, "Do you have someone in mind to mix and master the album?"
If they were looking at my face they would see a wash of blankness come over me. Somewhere they faint sound of crickets would be heard.


At least I had the likes of Tim Power and Tom Helbig (dad) with me. Tim has put out a number of albums already with about two different bands. I think he may have started recording at 15. Composing at 4. Well, his composing didn't come up until his college years, so that's an exaggeration, but he's just one of those guys. Also, Tom has been around music his whole adult life and has had way more conversations about this sort of thing than I have.

(this, friends, is called the grace and favor of God. Being supported and aided by such as these guys.)

It ends up that Aaron and Nate, in their past collaborations, liked to refer thier clients to a particular Mix Masterer. Jared Logan. He lives out of town, but they showed us some of his before and after work. Pretty great. I was starry eyed, but T 'n T wanted to keep the door open reserve the decision until we got a little closer. And if I can tell on myself a bit - the whole project left me starry eyed.

So as our project is winding down and then eventually stalled in a holding pattern, something pretty cool happens. Jared Logan comes into KC to PRODUCE a little album for CORY ASBURY called JESUS LET ME SEE YOUR EYES which is doing pretty well right now.

Also, if you follow KC House of Prayer online then you'll see Jared Logan playing drums with Misty Edward's new team.

Oooh boy, am I just glad that we caught this guy right before he's taking off. He'll be more expensive next time - and worth every penny!

Hoodie Hoo!