Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Law of Intention

Hm, its been a while. What can I say - I've been avoiding.

Cornerstone is over and I wasn't in the top 16 so I wasn't looking forward to posting, "Nope." Not that I'm terribly disappointed, taking it personally and wallowing in failure but the news is boring and I didn't have anything interesting to follow up. News, sure, but uninteresting news.

But my favorite thoughts recently have been buzzing around some teachings by Lance Wallnau. This dude is ON FIRE. He mentioned how he picked up a principle from sucessful business men that they called the Law of Intention. It's when you have a goal or a vision and if you keep your focus on that goal/vision then everything you need will come to you to help make it happen. Remember that for a moment.

I have realized some things about how the Lord and I work together - how we walk together. He has a big picture in mind and if I'm patient then, over time, the random bits will become a bigger picture. Like a pointilism painting (Seruat): blue dot next to a yellow dot....over time its a picture.

But while I'm waiting for all the dots to line up, I'm feeling a bit like John Nash (Beautiful Mind) circling random letters on pages, connecting them with strings......sigh.

So I have two themes I've been gazing into: the spirit of Elijah is one and the Tabernacle of David is the other. And while these themes have been pretty raked over and are already front burner issues in current times, I have some questions still.

For example, out of the 12 tribes of Israel, only 1 was designated exclusively to work in the tabernacle. How does that translate to now? What about Judah? Judah means praise and through Judah we get Bezalel, David, what capacity does Judah work today?

I have some answers to these questions and I'm starting to see a picture there, but its still pretty sketchy and it pertains mostly to my own, present tense life.

Law of Intention - I've realized in the last months that as I keep my eyes on the burning eyes of Jesus that he will continue to bring clarity and answers to the gaps in my understanding - because really I'm searching for my own identity.