Monday, April 13, 2009


The song Jacob was born from what feels like innumerable points of disconnected revelations from times of worship, gleanings from my own experiences or the experiences of others and just desires from reading the word.

It took me a very long time to write and develop - on of the longest so far. I had a chord progression I had found while messing around that I really liked - which became the 'one way' chord progression. Such good energy, but I had nothing to go with it.

I did Bible research (mostly w/Strong's Concordance) into the story of Jacob's wrestling. It took hours and eventually turned into 6 pages of notes.


- Jabbok means "emptying". the experience empties him of reliance on his natural strength, his Supplanting tendencies.

- Prevailing WITH God. He kept up with the angel. Jesus is waiting for bride that can keep up with him, that can contend alongside him. This is what equally yoked looks like.

- Touched on his side. His reward for enduring with the angel was greater weakness.
- Song of Solomon 8:5-6 where the bride is graduating from the wilderness by leaning on her Beloved.
- John the Baptist called it "I must decrease, He must increase".
- Jesus told Peter his reward for feeding the lambs was to be so at the mercy of another (we can put God here) that Peter would be clothed and led about by Him. John 21:18.
- I see and established precedent for walking with God results in a greater reliance on Him.

- Supplanter/Prince With God. He was born with a God given ability/calling to rule over people and places like a prince. He wasn't born into people or places. He wasn't in line to inherit people or places and so he used his natural ability in his natural strength which resulted in a defiled result. The goal is to yield our natural strengths to God, aka weakness/leaning/limping. The correct equation is God given ability/calling + God's strength yields Prince With God.

The research was like fireworks going off. Completely enjoyable and exciting. The labor was putting it into a song. It took long bouts of time at the piano, several tries and LOTS of praying in the Spirit.

But it has become a song that people in our prayer community enjoy.


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  1. I LOVE THIS POST. Mmmmm... my very favorite, JACOB! Good job, Bizzy, on unpacking a blessing! Much love.