Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fast Foward - Grapper Who?

I heard Cindy Jacobs say once that God seems to have two speeds, Pause and Fast Forward. I love that. I get that.

Desert & whirlwind. Echoing emptiness & Christmas morning. Dead calm & high seas. I dunno, I think I'm beleaguering the point.

And how often have I squandered the rest and refueling of Pause in pouting and self examination, wondering why nothing is happening?

How often I have I fearfully squandered Fast Forward by retreating and throwing up the stop sign?

Thankfully, I'm getting more accustomed to His pace and I'm learning to respond better though I still get impatient and alternately, I still get scared.


Domain name. I'm in a bind. I followed the leading of the Lord into a better than expected marriage, but I inherited a difficult, 3 syllable last name. I've grown to love the name. Love how I can identify telemarketers quickly - love how I can always see who has done the research to spell it correctly, etc..

Think of the worship leaders you can name. 2 syllable last names! And none too ethnic either excepting Zschech. Houghton, Edwards, Beeching, Whickam. Don't get me started on the unfair nature of the name Power! Their name IS their domain name. But the consensus is to ditch Grapperhaus. Its understandably too long, too weirdly spelled, too many syllables. But I just don't know what to do. Just 'Bizzy' is already taken everywhere - .com, .org, .net.

I'm in a bind.

Suggestions are welcome.

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