Tuesday, March 31, 2009

As of Today

As of today, the album is finished recording.

The last few steps are polishing and packaging - which will still take a number of weeks. Mixing and mastering will take everything we've recorded and make it sound like a cd. Packaging will determine what we'll put the cd in and what that will look like. This portion is still very up in the air.

We've been paying for the project as we go and with these two big steps left, part of the hesitation is wondering....how will we pay for this? I'm positive God will figure these things out, but I haven't found a way to enjoy waiting and wondering. Sigh.

Until then - here's our latest and greatest news.

Cornerstone Music Festival's website has a new artist area with a contest. New artists can post their music and people can go and vote for their favorite. 16 winning bands will get free passes and play on one of the small stages. The winner with the most votes will play on the mainstage at Cornerstone. There are a lot of different styles and artists. And a lot of very good bands.


We'll be putting up versions of In The Presence & Faithful As The Sun (a new one) soon.

*I have very mixed feelings about this. All I want is to be in the House of Prayer and to be found there. My dream for the future is to be part of the House of Prayer. But, I'm sure God will make Himself completely clear on this journey and move every circumstance according to His plan.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Father God,
Here is my first offering to you. Another in a season of firsts. Unto you be all the honor, power, glory and strength. All my heart wants is for Your son, Jesus, to be lifted up so that he would draw ALL men to himself.
I love you, Father. I love Your son.
Your servant, Your friend and one day Your bride.